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Skagit County also known as the Skagit Valley is located in the northwestern part of Washington State, USA. Just north of Seattle, Washington and south of Bellingham, WA, a great place to search for skagit real estate property for sale, vacant land for sale, condominiums for sale, homes for sale or waterfront property for sale. The jagged Cascade Mountain Range stands to the eastern part of the county, overlooking a fertile Skagit Valley which annually produces many different agricultural crops. Running through the Skagit Valley is the mighty Skagit River that flows westward toward the breathtaking San Juan Islands. Many varieties of world famous tulip fields blanket the Skagit Valley in the spring. Flocks upon flocks of Canadian geese, snow geese and trumpeter swans can be seen here during the winter months. Impressive Bald eagles fly overhead year round and great blue herons wade along the shorelines of the area.